Tuesday, October 11, 2005

101s and my new del.icio.us !!!

Finally I decided to take a moment and make my life simpler. I made a del.icio.us a/c and and I encourage whoever is reading this post to stop -> go make one and come back here. Its really worth it. My links on delicious can be accessed here.

Also you can check up my 101 page - introduction regarding any technology here. Right now its has links on podcasting and rss. check it out. I will be adding to the links there slowly. More importantly, you can subscribe to them using RSS feeds.

I just read this Great post, explains beautifully in a page about blogging, RSS and tagging. How intricately they are tied together.

And Cnet just gave a listing of the Top 100 blog sites. I am yet to check them out.

And yeah - if anyone is in the PaloAlto Area - I need company for TAGCAMP 2005. Spread the word. Also do register there at the website. I think its going to be cool and nice place to meet interesting people and camp 'in' with them for the night!


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