Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Whack Factor

I just listened to this podcast - an interview with Motorola's CEO Ed Zander.

I got the link from the ZDNet podcats where he talks about leadership. This is the interview where when asked about the iPod Nano he says 'screw the nano'. :-)

(Of late I have been listening to many podacasts - more of the business kind. Plan to write a podcast on that too)

Leaving that apart, I liked listening to the entire podcast. Leant a lot of things. He ends the interview telling about the whack factor by which he means in this age they have to watch out for competition - else even a $12 billion dollar company like Motorola can get kicked out.

He also mentions in the interview - the two main points that differentiates a leader from a manager are:
a. whether you have a succesor or can coach someone
b. you have a vision (and I guess can communicate the vision to your team and motivate them)

I concur on those two points.

Will write on what and how I am using using Podcast. Meanwhile you can get know a bit from Wikipedia.


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