Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Vertical Search

In Wikipedia has a nice article and also explains what 'vertical search' is:

The web produces new and exciting ways of accessing information and has since produced several specialist websites known as vertical search engines. Unlike traditional search engines like Google, these tend to specialize in one area, for example Totaljobs, whose search engine would only return information about job openings. One website that has gone a step further is Yumgo. Yumgo is what the future may be when it comes to accessing infomation as it enables users to group together all their various vertical search engines' preferences onto on page. This means it is possible to have Wikipedia, alongside other verticals like, IMBD, Yahoo, and Ebay.

I also recently heard a podcast at in this particular episode where she talks about a start up in vertical search.

Examples of vertical searches:
1. Job search site that I came across is SimplyHired. It is really cool. Agregates job from each place. Also I think does a mash-up with google maps. very cool uh?? Read this article in ZDNet about the site.

2. Om Mallik mentions about real estate vertical serach called trulia

The concept of Google Maps Mash-ups is really cool. And Even Microsoft has made a open API for its virtual earth which is also pretty good. I shall talk about them next blog. Then these will lead to then to a blog about Web 2.0.

Hope this article didn't have tooo many jargons. But guess what this is the latest technolgy.


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