Tuesday, October 04, 2005

P2P + RSS and P2P RSS - the next gear

I think most of agree (atleast the ones who are following Web 2.0 evolution) that RSS and P2P (esp Bit Torrents) are really cool technology and the future will be them for sure. Once someone comes with a killer business model ( I have one cooking in my mind - watch out for it over here ' vinupod ' you never know ;-0 ) - thats the next level of information age, whether it is on-demand TV or interactive media (podcasting, video casting blah blah blah ...) or the internet itself.

I read this article Peer-to-Peer RSS Delivery Service Debuts in the blog Micro Persuasion by Steve Ruebel.

In this he mentions about a new service where RSS is delivered using P2P model. A new company Feed Tree - aims at providing RSS and Atom feeds in a collaborative way so that you can get data fast! Currently I think these folks are looking at news sites and feeds. However, Lets build this concept further.

Now this is something really fascinating on the lines of Skype (something very clever indeed). What Skype did was send voice packets using its user base. Basically using the network effect - that is what the Bit Torrent technology needs.

So, the next logical extension using what I have mentioned is have your podcasting streams and videocasting streams follow a similar model. In this way the broadcaster doesn't really have to pay the price of bandwidth and users get what they want really fast and easily.

Steve does raise a valid point - what about security and viruses? Could encryption be the answer? Initially thinking - the answer seems to be yes. But I think there should be a clever solution. Encryption may be needed where there is something important i.e privacy kind of things e.g coporate matters. But people mostly don't mind loosing privacy in these matters - it can be seen in the succes of social bookmarking del.icio.us . And of course - say the user is subscribing to a porn site or something ( by the way 60% of Bit Torrent traffic is porn and 30% of internet traffic is Bit Torrent technology) can choose to download directly from the main site if he wants piracy.

So, in my belief - the whole system of RSS and P2P works on trust and social networking. We can just have checks in between. Checks may be scanning for virus data or encryption. But this is definitely the future. RSS and P2P are symbiotic in nature and the day they start to depend to one another to the core - we will see a change ... a dramatic change.

okay time to sleep .. sayonora :-)


Blogger Ravi said...

Hello vinu,
I came across your blog through the comment you posted on my blog. I enjoyed reading your blog. Really good.
Yes what you stated is true. I should have listed the author's name and link at the top instead of the bottom. And I have rewritten the post.

Thanks for the suggestion. :)

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