Thursday, October 06, 2005

Main intent of this blog

In the first post of this blog I started off telling someitme soon I shall write about what or why I am writing this blog.

As you might have already guessed. This is more of 'Tech Talk' kind of blog. After I started using Bloglines for reading RSS feeds ( I initially started with Live Feeds in FireFox ). The amount of information I consume is amazing. Even though Bloglines has a 'clip' blogs feature - I realized I never go back to those sites. Just to inform, of late I have also been using Pluck ( have been lazy to use ) to syncronize my bookmarks across all my computers (they have a firefox and IE plugins) I use currently. So, I save the good pages and hope to read them and blog them.

But there are times when you have your own views after reading so many pages a day. That number is constantly increasing. I am subscribed to 179 feeds right now!! All of them through bloglines and none podcast links. So, this is where I am going to dump my ideas.

Another purpose - is also to share cool news and amazing sites with others and also you for reference myself. I saw myself mailing people about cool sites - but instead documenting them would be really nice. I shall also be using to document things I learn from podcasts here. This site will also see some mac links - good tips and software. I have a mac mini and I simply love it (of course, everything has its pros and cons).

And yeah - not to say I shall be doing all this when I have time and I am enthusiastic. Lets see how long the gas lasts. But one thing is definitely sure:

I AM READY to PAY to some service which can learn from the sites I click and filter the links and feeds I am subscribing to. Talk about information overload. Now I am so sure - I will never get bored in life. This is 'THE RISING' of the real web. The evolving brain that depends on itself for its growth. A self-sustaining one.

I also have started 3 more blogs that serve different purpose:
- Just being Myself
- Fluid Frame (a photo blog - pics from flickr)
- Vinupod ( my own archimedes 'moments')

Will give link to the specific blogpost of the purpose once I get down to writing there.


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