Friday, October 14, 2005

what do u think?

I just read this article by Cringley - the guy who organizes Nerd TV (pretty cool show btw - get to learn a lot about history and future of computing first hand)
Previous episode - 006 - the interview with Dave Winer was cool (get transcript here). BTW Winer lives in Berkeley! Just to quote from his webpage =>

I was interviewed yesterday by Mike Vizard and Steve Gillmor (mostly Mike) in a show that's to be aired on Sirius satellite radio, channel 103 at 5PM Pacific. Could someone get me an MP3. Now I'm becoming famous for predicting the demise of the iPod just as it's reaching new peaks -- tune into this one because I predict that it's too late for Microsoft to get RSS, that the train has left the station before they even got on board. I stand by what I said, the only way it makes a difference for MS is if they magically come up with time-travel, and go back to 2001 and put RSS into Windows XP. Heh. Sorry. This show is worth grabbing if only because when asked if I ever expected RSS to achieve all it has, I said Yes I did. Oooops. In the NerdTV interview I said No I didn't. Better not run against Karl Rove anytime soon, eh?

Coming back to the article by Cringley, after initially talking about video iPod. Cringley goes on to talk about Adwords - Nash Eq and Taguchi optimization. Seems veryinteresting ... I will have to read it again and do some thingking and researching - What is Nash equilibrium and Taguchi Optimization ? I believe somewhere here lies the future business model of Web 2.0! The main point everyone has been thinking for some time now!

Would like to hear your thoughts on this. Or may be spur a discussion on this??


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