Thursday, October 13, 2005

I need more time! at least 28hrs a day!!

I feel like I have to blog sooo much but I don't seem to have time!

With 189 RSS feeds and counting and reading ... I feel saturated. I am going through a phase where I am really interested in tech news and want to hear things as they come and read and make projections about the future.

I look at patterns in things and also try to intuitively guess the future. I love doing it. I plan to catch up over the weekend - I am going to have atleast three posts over the weekend. I have decided their titles also and here they are:

1. "Its all about the TV. Stupid!"
2. "Honey! I have shrunk PORN ..."
3. "gen Z (zen) ... the next interactive FOURTH ESTATE"

so, watch for this space ... that is if anyone is reading. And you can always get an idea of what is cooking up in my mind by looking at a link where I store the 2Blog links i.e webpages, mp3 or videos.


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