Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Its all about TV! stupid ...

As I said in a couple of posts earlier - i am finally squeezing in time and writing the article. I seriously wish i had more time to write the article. I find myself in a position where I have too many thoughts but very few time to blog them. But its at point where if I don't write it down - it will just be a thought.

I heard the statement "Its all about the TV" from this podcast in which Om Malik talks about how TV over the net is going to be the 'killer app' be it wired or wireless. He also follows it up with a article in his blog on 'IPTV vs TV'. Its very interesting to note how he ends the article :

The impact of Bit Torrent, RSS, and Networked Video Recorders will be covered in the part 2 and 3 of this series, which will also look into Google TV, Yahoo's media efforts and why really the networks should not be fearful of peer 2 peer networks.

In the podcast he mentions - Internet TV is going to be big in Asia rather than in US as in US there is already a good infrastructure for TV. I am very skeptical about that concept as we human beings consume media like crazy and with the rate at which new products and services are coming - the hungry or the need is always going to be there. Its going to be really cool to see what the future beholds.

The next day, Apple announces an iPod which plays video ( I am going to buy it! and it will be my 4th iPod though I currently own none! easily disposed thanks to craigslist). Though video on iPod as such is nothin new - see the iPodLinux Project. People were able to play video with old iPods in b&w. What was more dramatic was the 'act III' by Steve Jobs. The iTunes 6.0. Its all about the integration and bringing 'video on the go' to the forefront. The Times has an article on that - a must read.

More than TV shows and movies on the go. Its going to be 'original' or 'personal' content thats going to take precedence (apart from Porn though! which is topic of my next article). People are going to bring their handycams from the closet more often. They are going to take ownership of the video content and feel proud. RSS + Video are going to be common. Thats how people are going to share videos. Imagine my parents (in India) seeing my video taken here in the US. And yeah, also the other way round from India to US. Its like 'portal' or 'warped space'. If I am getting daily feeds from 'home' I am not going to miss home as much as I do now. In fact, i currently derive the same amount of happiness looking at snaps in India or Bombay on Flickr group pools.

And yes - there are going to be sites like MP3.com - which host files from independent artists. Even WIRED magazine talked about 'Reinventing Television'. Then there is Google which is also trying to get into TV shows. And yes, Yahoo is also in it - with the podcast launch.

Microsoft is following the trend by reaching into the living room with the X-Box 360. And now Apple with the Front row - a Windows Media centre version of mac OsX in Tiger.

In short, TV on the internet is the 'BUZZ WORD' and yes, its going mainstream for sure. 'Your media' will soon be the focus. Video when you want it and how you want it - thats how the companies are going to position themselves. Downloading and waiting for 10 to 20 mins may be pain in the ass! But yeah - the concept of downloading it before hand and then seeing it anywhere, anytime is cool and it will stick soon. Especially when it comes cheap or practically where.

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