Friday, December 02, 2005

fun at Bloglines!

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I think its hightime the folks at Flickr or the other new Web 2.0 service learn this! I was trying to access Bloglines two weeks back and boom they are down!

Now I realize and it me real hard this time! Even if I am ready to pay money now - I am not going get my articles, news or information right now when I want it, where I want it and how I want!!! I may loose money on short selling the stock of mine ... brrr

However, looking at this funny face. I didn't feel angry. I smiled! I even empathized. Gave me a feeling poor folks at Bloglines are working hard! (I wonder what they are doing I don't see a bloody change ... I like it just as it is :D)

But to compare - I have started to hate flickr lately. Their downtimes have been going up! => they ask me go see their blog or do something else when they get ready. I need my pics and need to use my pics when i am paying a whole $25 for usage. It may be cool but when I pay I expect 100% uptime. suggestion - Use one of my 'pictures' (I mean personlize) and say " sorry I know you need your cool pics but hey - we are working hard. "

Talk about personalization and calming down the user - 'atleast' the 'pro' ones. After all this is a 'Yahoo' company - is this what we got to expect especially when i am paying money?? Yahoo 2.0 (0 as in Naught = zero?! #@$!)


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