Sunday, October 30, 2005

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"I am a snowboarder, a boyfriend, an idea guy, a friend, a reader, a wine lover, a sometime yogi, a writer, a photographer, a screenwriter, an entrepreneur and so much more - a good friend once said, 'you are the only person I have known who brings your entire self into all you do' - an indescribable force for good in the world - I love life and the human experience - I believe that change for the better is not only possible, but inevitable - there is no box."

I wish I could live like this. This is my motive in a way ... lets see how long I am able to sustain thi. hats off man - for these wonderful, creative and honest words.


Blogger Chris Heuer said...

Thanks for the kind words - it is so hard to be present, but oh so rewarding when you can be there in the flow, just living. There are moments of pain and worry and regret, but by shifting our focus back to what really matters, everything changes. If you are in the Bay Area, perhaps we can chat more at my event this SAT in Menlo Park - - if not, perhaps sometime before the holidays over Skype or something.

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