Sunday, October 23, 2005

make the switch!!!


Well - the verdict is here. I am doing too many things with too little. My mac mini (512MB, 1.42 Mhz G4 80GB with wireless 802.11g and bluetooth) with my external - DVD writer and 320GB harddisk. These with my 'logitech' webcam, wireless elite duo (keyboard and mouse) and 'iogear' bluetooth headset (for chat - skpye and yahoo) make my life really simple.

I highly recommend it. Though I push it to the extreme - video editing, graphix and even coding and remote desktop, VNC, SSH, Apache. These diverse use make it really rock. I don't have to press the ctrl+alt+del shit often. Though I may have to do a 'force quit' or 'kill' from the 'terminal'. But never do a real hard boot.

And all these for $570 (student discount ;-0 ), I am sure there is nothin more cheaper on the earth, does these job efficiently AND which fits inside a CASE of two CD cases. Moreover, I feel really happy when people come over and ask what is that?? It so coool :D and I say - hey thats my computer ... "Mac Mini"


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