Monday, December 19, 2005

Yahoo getting creative?!

Yahoo Creative commons

I am really excited to see this new feature in Yahoo search. I think this is definitely the route Yahoo should take. They should go ahead and bring this feature right to the main search page!

With the big talk about copyrights and 'printing' - searching those things that only are given the "Creative Commons" or "Attention" helps the users (atleast) the trouble to find out what to do with either the website content, picture or now video!

Of course, they should do a better job of education the people about this - the different type of creative commons tag is definitely confusing!

Just went to the website - and there it says in the bottom as one of the annoucements:

Nov 2005 Google released Creative Commons-enabled search. Now you can use Google to search the web for CC-licensed works via our find page and Google's advanced search.

MORE surprise!

gives the oppurtunity to search via both Google and Yahoo, defaulting to Google! Now, give me a break - WHY IS THIS NOT ANNOUNCED ON THEIR WEBSITE or the bloggin world mentioning it? Did I not follow the news?? Hello, is anybody out there??


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