Monday, December 19, 2005

Wordpress is soo wow!

This is my new blog. I will be blogging there on multiple topics and I shall keep this blog more for tech related stuff. Of course, everything I have to say will first go there and then here. however, I will write a post with just the 'titles' in that blog to keep the connection going.

I am pressed for words is my review for Wordpress” :-) . The usability and user experience is amazing cool! I have decided to try wordpress as there was ability to add categories unlike blogger.

I have a blogger account which I have been writing on mostly Web 2.0 and technology stuff. But lately, I relized I want write on lots of things! Currently I have 285 feeds on my RSS reader (bloglines) and my interests are diverse.

And its also exciting to see that there is a way to host my blog on own my own Mac mini and the bloggin platform is open source. Amazingly cool :D How or why did I not try it for soo long? Beats me …

I still have doubts on how much storage I am given on this i.e I blogger I assume is unlimited. Is it the same over here even if I don’t host my site?

But surely, do check it out - I mean it! setting up your blog - less than ONE minute. And up with your first post less than FIVE minutes. Talk about usability and speed i.e efficiency!!


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