Tuesday, November 01, 2005

chilling at TagCamp

I know this is very late blogpost. You can find right now 176 blogposts on tagcamp on google blog search. And around 820 pictures on flickr. And even me!! Pics taken by me at my photoset 'tagCamp'.

My thoughts:

My first kind of interaction with the 'energetic' people at the Silicon Valley. Hope I will be coming to the US or any other place in the world where I can feel the energy. The details of the event can be got at tagcamp.org. Came to learn a lot about usability. Met lot of interesting people. Saw cool new products and concepts i.e Riya and justStudents particularly struck my cord. Also mobido and kaboodle. Was also able to meet folks from cool companies like Ning, zvents and simplyHired.

A sesion on the bizModels regarding tagging and Web2.0 has been put up by Mike Arrington from TechCrunch. The debate started off after I asked Jeff 'why' should Yahoo make money off the ads from my pics!!! Shouldn't I get some cut out of it?? Then Dave and Keith sparked a debate on ads, blogs and money. Was pretty cool to sit down and to hear it. You can listen to the podcast make by Mike.

Just posting some interesting pics taken by me:

Art of Taggin :-)
Down to biz at TagCamp
Product launches at TagCamp

Mike taking the Podcast
Dave Winer
Mike bloggin I think!
Me taking notes => on the debate that ensued! ;-0
Fun at tagCamp => building the TagCity
Discussions - day two
clash of media - podcast/blogging (iPod) vs newspaper! :-)
A flickr moment - lensbaby very cool lens
All in all a nice time spent before I go back to India. Just quit job. Had a chance to network with people to get job. But rest assured I am not going to miss the action. Podcast, blogging and video casting will keep me updated. I just can't work things out 'live'!!


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