Monday, October 31, 2005

flickr books!

check this out:

Networking pocketbook:
The Networking pocketbook by Jon Warner

Varnam book (Indian carnatic music book)
Varnam Book - Southern India Carnatic Music book

They have been flickred. I know I might be violating some copyright
regulations. But I am doing it for my use => as I am moving back to
India and I cannot carry all the books I have! But I just thought I
shall experiment it by the reaction by putting it up on flickr!?

What would happen and how would companies/author react if everybody
starts doing this??

Personally - it helps me get an idea of the book and I shall go and
read it by BUYING the book rather than downloading the book from
Flickr. Its not that I am scanning the book at Hi - res for it to be
printed later.


I also just started a new flickr group for this concept - asking
people to think about it and contribute similarly in Flickr:

Just experimenting with the concept => drop your thoughts in the
flickr group {mail me for an invite - the group is invite only! I
don't want to get into lot of trouble :-) } or at my blog here!!

somtimes hungry but always foolish... :-0


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