Friday, October 28, 2005

the advent of the social Media


I read this cartoon in the The Newyorker while I was waiting outside my doctors' clinic. And this made me smile!!

This is the future - very simplistically put! The world of the couch potatoes is gone! the 'iWeb' is here - 'i' being the interactive web. Call it what you want social web, collective intelligence blah blah ... but the two main factors that make this a big threat to all the media industires and the distribution channels are : community and choice! Accessing info when you want it, how you want (something I have already I have mentioned).

Media on the go!! -
a Media by the people, for the people. And open and interactive web (includes wireless also!).

I call it the ' gen Z ' (Z stands for Zen). Its just a matter of time for the 'Blink' to occur. We have achieved critcal mass and the 'Tipping Point' is here, right now ....

I have 10 articles planned to write. I shall touch about ' gen Z ' after that!!


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