Monday, December 19, 2005

Wordpress is soo wow!

This is my new blog. I will be blogging there on multiple topics and I shall keep this blog more for tech related stuff. Of course, everything I have to say will first go there and then here. however, I will write a post with just the 'titles' in that blog to keep the connection going.

I am pressed for words is my review for Wordpress” :-) . The usability and user experience is amazing cool! I have decided to try wordpress as there was ability to add categories unlike blogger.

I have a blogger account which I have been writing on mostly Web 2.0 and technology stuff. But lately, I relized I want write on lots of things! Currently I have 285 feeds on my RSS reader (bloglines) and my interests are diverse.

And its also exciting to see that there is a way to host my blog on own my own Mac mini and the bloggin platform is open source. Amazingly cool :D How or why did I not try it for soo long? Beats me …

I still have doubts on how much storage I am given on this i.e I blogger I assume is unlimited. Is it the same over here even if I don’t host my site?

But surely, do check it out - I mean it! setting up your blog - less than ONE minute. And up with your first post less than FIVE minutes. Talk about usability and speed i.e efficiency!!

Yahoo getting creative?!

Yahoo Creative commons

I am really excited to see this new feature in Yahoo search. I think this is definitely the route Yahoo should take. They should go ahead and bring this feature right to the main search page!

With the big talk about copyrights and 'printing' - searching those things that only are given the "Creative Commons" or "Attention" helps the users (atleast) the trouble to find out what to do with either the website content, picture or now video!

Of course, they should do a better job of education the people about this - the different type of creative commons tag is definitely confusing!

Just went to the website - and there it says in the bottom as one of the annoucements:

Nov 2005 Google released Creative Commons-enabled search. Now you can use Google to search the web for CC-licensed works via our find page and Google's advanced search.

MORE surprise!

gives the oppurtunity to search via both Google and Yahoo, defaulting to Google! Now, give me a break - WHY IS THIS NOT ANNOUNCED ON THEIR WEBSITE or the bloggin world mentioning it? Did I not follow the news?? Hello, is anybody out there??

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Worried about google?

Liz Lawley
Originally uploaded by theloudlibrarian.
I had seen this picture a whole month ago when i was attending tagcamp! Actually wanted to write an entire article on this specific picture. Guess its not going to materialize but my thoughts.

Slight modification in the words

"Google: Catalyst for digitization AND Library Destruction"

Another point to note : one can see convergence here - in form of computers (powerpoint), mobile (camera phone) and paper (its the librarians after all!) in one picture :D

Friday, December 02, 2005

fun at Bloglines!

screenshot1.jpeg, originally uploaded by eindia.

I think its hightime the folks at Flickr or the other new Web 2.0 service learn this! I was trying to access Bloglines two weeks back and boom they are down!

Now I realize and it me real hard this time! Even if I am ready to pay money now - I am not going get my articles, news or information right now when I want it, where I want it and how I want!!! I may loose money on short selling the stock of mine ... brrr

However, looking at this funny face. I didn't feel angry. I smiled! I even empathized. Gave me a feeling poor folks at Bloglines are working hard! (I wonder what they are doing I don't see a bloody change ... I like it just as it is :D)

But to compare - I have started to hate flickr lately. Their downtimes have been going up! => they ask me go see their blog or do something else when they get ready. I need my pics and need to use my pics when i am paying a whole $25 for usage. It may be cool but when I pay I expect 100% uptime. suggestion - Use one of my 'pictures' (I mean personlize) and say " sorry I know you need your cool pics but hey - we are working hard. "

Talk about personalization and calming down the user - 'atleast' the 'pro' ones. After all this is a 'Yahoo' company - is this what we got to expect especially when i am paying money?? Yahoo 2.0 (0 as in Naught = zero?! #@$!)