Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Who owns the internet???


I just read this article from Techdirt " SBC: We Own The Internet, So Google Should Pay Up ". I personally see internet as the place built by the people. Yes, cable companies did invest. But what is their worth with out the people using them and the companies offering serives.

Coming from India - the government is trying its so called best as frankly speaking it feels there are more pressing mattes in hand and longer we delay more better will the technology will be. For example in terms of policies - voip inside the India (internationally its ok!) is not allowed untill 2007 i think (somebody correct me). The policy is so as to give the telcos enough competitive advantage to break even with the investments they have made. Makes no sense!! who is the loser here?? The people of course ... There is no need to use a car just because you bought it when cycling is faster, cheaper and makes sense. Politics and lobbying is what rules in the Indian scenario atleast.

Consider the US Scenario, the whole US is dependent on the internet for its economy existence and functioning. Right from the travel industry, seeing maps, communicating => everything is on the internet. What would happen if suddenly SBC decided to say => 'oops sorry we don't want to provide you internet! for these services ...' The outcome would be worse than a powercut! It may not come as a surprise to me with where the net is going with blogging, podcasting, video downloads, torrents. The entire mass media channel which government used to treasure. Due to its control and influence .. and yeah - the kick backs is getting routed in a totally another new medium which can never be controlled centrally!

Of course that would never happen (in the immediate future) - Money talks instead. The companies and Politicians will settle things on their own. Its all about getting greedy - result of a 'purely' capitalist economy with not much ethics in place. If instead of accepting these paradigm shifts and finding way to work along, they keep fightin - the ultimate loser will be the government. Because people realize for the first time that the don't have to depend on the government on this matter ... its 'THE PEOPLE' who are in the drivers seat. They are going to take off irrespective of whether the government 'in' or 'out'!!

Finishing in the spirit of 'Diwali' - let there be light (knowledge) and let the good win over the evil. Happy Diwali folks:

Update: Read this article posted recently (nov 6 2005) "Don't buy DSL ..."


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