Thursday, November 24, 2005

Time for some kewl Deals!!

I am back in India and its Thanksgiving time in the US! Looking at the rush for XBox360, i am sure there are lot of people who would love to look for great deals for thanksgiving especially Black Friday deals.

Now with 'RSS' into picture - getting deals onto ur news reader should be really cool and easy.
Dealazon - Searches Amazon's API and stores the best deals. You can subscribe to complex RSS feeds such as "lcd monitors on sale for 40% off or more, and less than $300".

Pete Freitag gives all the deal sites in one place => hope this is useful for someone.

I am yearning for a LCD Monitor. If anyone is coming to Bombay and is reading this then do contact me asap!! :D The price difference in electronice is too much! I wonder why. After all the stuff is made very near to India - Thailand and Indonesia but the difference is almost 80%. I am looking was 19in LCD monitor and in India the cheapest is Rs 38,000 and I am sure I will get for $200 (Rs 9,000) in the US aaargh this sucks big time .... talk about luxury! and apna desh.

My personal favs for deal sites were:

Happy gadgeting all of you. Kick off the holiday season in style!! n yeah - Happy Thanksgiving. Do enjoy your time with the family as I am doing here :)


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